About Us

Kalkaringi School has been a Preschool to Year 12 School since 2003, providing a comprehensive curriculum for students from both the Kalkarindji and Daguragu communities.

Our students come from a diverse cultural and linguistic background. Most of the students are Gurindji but we also have Warlpiri, Mudburra and other indigenous and non- indigenous families as part of our community.

The school population is about 160. The school also has a playgroup run through the Families as First Teachers Program, catering for 0 to 3 year old children and their carers.

In 2002, Kalkaringi School was selected to be the first ‘Remote Secondary Provision Project School’, and in this role Kalkaringi School led the development of appropriate and responsive curriculum for students from Year 7 to Year 12.

As in all schools throughout Australia, literacy and numeracy development is of major importance at Kalkaringi School. Attendance and retention are also significant issues.

The school buildings are of various ages with the original central Administration, class and canteen block being opened in October 1976 and the newest Primary classroom complex completed for the commencement of 2013. The school has a sports oval and an undercover basketball court.

The school canteen provides breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack for the students. This is funded through the Federal Governments School Nutrition Program and parents contribute through direct payment.

Vision and Values of Kalkaringi School

To empower the community through Education.

This is achieved by:

  • respecting each other
  • listening to each other
  • supporting and encouraging each other
  • taking responsibility for your actions
  • striving to improve

We will learn from the work of all those who have been here before us and are proud of our history and culture.

More information about the school can be obtained from Anne Saunders, Principal at Kalkaringi School.

Call (08) 89651888

Email: kalkaringi.admin@ntschools.net