Primary Years

Year 3-6

Our primary students are in 3 classes between Year Levels 3-6. Within each class, teachers have a focus on differentiating the curriculum to achieve the best results from their students.

We model our primary curriculum on the Australian Curriculum, with teachers focusing on literacy and numeracy. Other Learning Areas include, Humanities, Science, Health and PE. Within our literacy programs, we include EAL teaching methods and a phonemic approach to reading through implementation of the ReadWriteInc program. Each student is individually assessed and placed into an appropriate reading group to best target their individual learning needs to support growth.

The primary school involve themselves in regular sporting events, athletics carnivals and cooking activities. Through our attendance incentive plan, students win weekly awards by attending all 5 days of the school week. Using our TRUE Legends, students with exceptional behaviour are rewarded with the choice of a basketball or football.


Each class has a local community member in their classroom working side by side with our teachers as an Assistant Teacher. This is a vital relationship to ensure the learning remains cohesive by providing appropriate language and cultural support within the class.

Many of our students choose to progress their learning into secondary school via boarding schools in Darwin or Alice Springs. The primary school ensures that students are given every opportunity to make this transition if they so wish.

The primary school is a happy and positive place. We encourage team work and friendship and a sense of goodwill throughout friendship groups, classes, the school and community.