Primary School

Our primary students are individually catered for in the four leveled classes we have at Kalkaringi School. Students are in a class that best suits their individual learning needs and capabilities. Within each class, teachers have a focus on differentiating the curriculum to achieve the best results from their students.

We model our primary curriculum on the Australian Curriculum, with teachers focusing on literacy and numeracy. Within our literacy programs, we include ESL teaching methods and a phonemic approach to spelling through implementation of the Sound Waves program. We strive to close the gap that exists with our indigenous students, and English speaking, mainstream schooled students.

The primary school involve themselves in regular sporting events, athletics carnivals, swimming, fishing and cooking activities. Through our attendance incentive plan, students also have access to our photography program, with cameras sent home each week to the four best behaved and hard-working students.

Within the primary years, our students build upon the skills established in the early years, and develop knowledge that will foster positive learning through their future study at Kalkaringi School. The primary school is a happy and positive place. We encourage team work and friendship and a sense of goodwill throughout friendship groups, classes, the school and community.