Our Community


Kalkaringi School serves the very remote Northern Territory communities of Kalkaringi and Daguragu, and is located in the community of Kalkaringi, 480km southwest of Katherine. Daguragu community is 8 km to the west of Kalkaringi. The combined population of the two communities is approximately 750 people.


The Gurindji people are the traditional owners of the land. In 1966 Gurindji workers on Wave Hill Station went on strike over wages and conditions. The famous 'Wave Hill Walk Off' followed and is attributed to the start of the land rights movement in Australia.


Kalkaringi can be accessed via the Victoria Highway, then the Buntine Highway, which is bitumen but only single lane for most of its length. The road can be cut off several times during the wet season due to flooding. The community can also be accessed via air but only through chartered air services.


Postal Address:

Kalkaringi School
PMB 41
Katherine NT 0852

(Mail is delivered once a week by air)