Middle Years

Kalkaringi School has two middle year classes; one for our young men and another for our young ladies. We prepare our students for their senior years of study and provide them with a taste of working life.

We do this by building on the skills learnt and developed in the primary school. We base our programs on the Australian Curriculum, with teachers focusing on literacy and numeracy. Within our literacy program, we include ESL teaching methods and a phonemic approach to spelling through implementation of the Sound Waves program. We strive to close the gap that exists with our indigenous students, and English speaking, mainstream schooled students.

Students are provided with opportunities to involve themselves in a range of activities. Our middle year students are part of a wide range of interschool sporting events, including basketball, athletics, and the most popular, AFL. Students also work and learn as part of the wider community and have been involved with the Families as First Teachers program, the community aged care centre, shire run youth engagement projects, and many health forums held at our school.

Students have access to modern and well resourced ICT hardware and a growing range of software programs. We implement the use of Ipads and desktops into our learning, as well as multimedia activities that have resulted in students developing their own videos and animation.