Senior Years

Kalkaringi has two secondary years’ classes, one for Years 7-9 and a senior years class for Years 10-12.  The school presents an Employment Pathways curriculum which is linked to the Australian curriculum and is a program designed specifically for secondary students in a remote setting. This enables students to gain their NT Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET).  The curriculum also prepares students with all the necessary skills to be able to make the transition from school to community and work.


Skills that student have developed over their school life are further enhanced and placed into a more practical setting.  There is still a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, with all students participating in Fresh Start which is the secondary level for Read Write Inc and JEMM and NZ Maths with numeracy.

Students also participate in a variety of other subject from Junior Rangers, Health and Wellbeing, PE, Life Skills, Job Readiness, Woodwork and Cooking.  Students that develop skills to a specific level are offered work experience as well.


The secondary school at Kalkaringi is very well resourced, there are three teachers and an assistant teacher that provide education and support to all students.