Language Statement

Most students at Kalkaringi School are Indigenous, and have several languages in their lives. The school values these languages as important in the students' educational development.

We are on Gurindji land and Gurindji language is the tradition that the families of most Indigenous students connect with. Some students may come from Mutpurra, Ngarinyman, Bilinarra, Warlpiri or other Indigenous languages, and the school respects and supports families' efforts to maintain these traditions. 

The main spoken language of the community is Gurindji Kriol, which is a new language with Kriol and Gurindji words and grammar. Gurindji Kriol is a full language which carries out all the functions of a natural spoken language.

The main language of instruction at Kalkaringi School is Standard Australian English. The school supports students in the development of speaking, listening, reading and writing in English to succeed in education and employment, and engage meaningfully with the wider Australian community.