The Kalkaringi Playgroup is an early learning program run within the school grounds Monday-Friday, 10am-1pm. Playgroup is for children from birth to 3 years of age and their families and carers.

Kalkaringi Playgroup is run through the Families as First Teachers (FaFT) program which is delivered in remote communities across the Northern Territory. The FaFT program supports the healthy development and early learning of young indigenous children across the Territory.


The purpose of the Kalkaringi FaFT Playgroup is to build local indigenous family capacity and knowledge of child development, and to provide children and families with opportunities for early learning experiences.

At Playgroup we run an EYLF inspired play based early learning program, with the overall focus on building foundations to ensure school readiness.

Along with early leaning programs, the playgroup staff run parent workshops and provide parent coaching opportunities to build adult capacity in areas such as- nutrition, child and maternal health, hygiene & home care, behavioral management, financial management, and adult literacy.

A successful nutrition program is run at Playgroup to ensure all children and their families receive a healthy breakfast, a cooked lunch and fruit, all of which is prepared and cooked by families.

There is a strong focus on hygiene at Playgroup, with bathing, hand washing and face washing included in the daily timetable.


Kalkaringi Playgroup has a strong relationship with the clinic to ensure healthy children and healthy families. The playgroup provides a good location for visiting health professionals to reach the 50 plus children enrolled in the program.

The Kalkaringi Playgroup is a safe and welcoming environment for children and families to learn together to be happy and healthy members of the community.

For more information about the Playgroup, contact Allison Mulley on 89651888

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