Early Years

The Early Years day starts with breakfast, followed by a whole
school assembly. The Early Years children then join the rest of the school for a Sport session, where specific sport skills are being taught. The Transition and Year 1 class also has an extra Perceptual Motor Program incorporated into their week, to enhance their motor skills.

The Transition to Year 3 programmes includes a strong focus on the development of Literacy and Numeracy. Classes are run based on the Kathy Walker Learning approach and learning links are made through investigative ‘play’.

The Barbara Brann Building Blocks to Literacy approach is also firmly embedded in the Early Years program, to ensure fundamental development that is integral to optimum learning in later years.

Classes rotate for the last session of the day to offer a variety of electives, which includes Science & Technology, Art, Dance & Music and Culture.

An Early Years Assembly is held every Wednesday, where classes get an opportunity to showcase what they have been learning about. Achievements and school attendance is also awarded. Once a term we have a Family Assembly, where the community is invited to join us and celebrate the children’s learning.